Curtis, Natalie, Reuben & Kaylie

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big helpers!

Natalie and Reuben really enjoy helping and being a part of things. Here are some pictures of them picking up the grass clippings. They had a lot of fun doing it.

We have been teaching Natalie how to pick lettuce, She loves picking things in the Garden.

Summer fun.

Reuben and Natalie had fun playing with their cousins. It's always fun getting wet and muddy!

Here is Natalie learning how to peal corn, she was so excited about it :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family pictures!

Since this would probably be the last time that the whole family would be together, we decided to have a picture day. This probably won't happen again for at least 4 years.

All the girls.

Just the boys, Reuben says "enough pictures for one day"!

The Kane's

The Everson's

The Jackson's

Grampa and Gramma with all the grandkids!

Jackson family photo summer 2006. Click on the pictures to make them larger.

Jackson Family Beach day 2006!

We had a beach day while we were in NH. Joanna's whole family was there. There were 10 kids with the oldest being 4! So it was very busy but still a lot of fun. The Kids enjoyed catching crabs and playing in the Ocean. Natalie was busy trying to shovel all the beach sand back in the ocean where, she thought, it belonged. Reuben enjoyed crawling around in the water :)
Natalie Mae

Reuben crawling around in the ocean.

Curtis showing Caleb Jackson (3) how to hold
a crab.

Looks like he figured it out:)
Kiera Everson, Zoe and Caleb Jackson

Natalie giving Grandpa a kiss, Little Eve Jackson
sitting with Grandpa.
Ruth and Leah

Jonas Everson

Chloe and Ben Kane

Micah Jackson

Gwen Kane

Melissa and Olivia Jackson

Eve Jackson
Jackson Family 2006!