Curtis, Natalie, Reuben & Kaylie

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy times............

Even though we aren't in classes we are still pretty busy! I thought it would slow down a bit....... but that is not the case. Curtis has language sessions a couple times a week, and he found someone that would review his lessons twice a week w/ him. I found someone who would teach me in the mornings everyday except Sunday, and I have language sessions once or twice a week! We are both trying to get the Language as soon as possible so that we can go to Mozambique!!
I have been riding a bike to class every morning......... but it is not very comfortable when your big and pregnant! I have the next couple weeks off which will be nice :)

Natalie & Reuben

Natalie and Reuben are really enjoying being able to stay at home every day! They are best friends and want to do EVERYTHING together :) We have been pretty busy lately and try to explain to Natalie all the stuff that we have to get done. And she comes back w/ "But what are we going to do about fun?" :) Reuben is coming up w/ some pretty funny things too, the other day he went up to Curtis and said "find me a wife!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cashew fruit

Here is a picture of a Cashew fruit! Most people around here eat the fruit and discard the nut because the smoke (when you roast it) is poisonious. The fruit makes a pretty good pie too :) There is nothing that compares to this fruit (as far as tast goes) so I won't even try!


Here are some pictures of a Jabuticaba tree, the berries are ready to pick! I thought it was really neat the way they grow on the bark of the tree :) Most people make jam out of them, it tasts a little like grape jam.