Curtis, Natalie, Reuben & Kaylie

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb fun

Natalie got a new hair cut!
The kids had lots of fun in the snow, but I didn't get any pics so you'll have to imagine it:) They have great imaginations; these two kitties are sleeping in their houses!


Anonymous said...

So adorable...!

Thanks for the update, Curtis!

From Cindy
(Ben Kane's mom)

Anonymous said...

If I get JoZ's act together, we'll send you some pics of our day ice skating on the Winnepesaukee - or however you spell that big chunk of ice!

JEves said...

Fun, I like the kitty pretend I remember doing things like that all the time, too. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone's grown so much since Christmas!! Great to see the pictures, the girls are so beautiful, and Rueben is a little man! Missing you all, and praying you are enjoying a beautiful spring!
God is so good!
Love from the Millers

Laurie said...

Such an adorable photo!